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Jenny Jazz Designs

Cabana Coat

Cabana Coat

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The Cabana stylish wrap coat is crafted from a cosy wool blend. It includes chunky pockets and a matching belt, with bold stripes integrated into the design for a fashionable statement. Leather belts not supplied.

Features ❤︎

Fabric:  Wool Blend - 20% Wool 80% Polyamide
Size: Small-Medium & Medium-Large
Made in Italy

Care Instructions: To wash your coat, turn it inside out in a wash bag, to help prevent pilling and damage. If your washing machine has a wool cycle, use it. If not, use the gentle or delicate cycle on cold. Never wash wool on hot—it will weaken the fibres and shrink the fabric.

Models wear: SM (sizes 8-12 Australian)
Brand: Jenny Jazz Designs

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