Made in Italy brought home to Australia

Jenny Jazz started her career on the Gold Coast, Australia, where she turned her passion for design into a beautiful fashion line. She made the clothes herself and worked closely with other local designers. 

Coming back to Australia, Jenny Jazz had established itself as a fashion label with many influences. Inspired by countless countires, fabrics and designs, it was a mature collection for the adventurous women. 

With clothes manufactured in Spain and Italy, the gypsy mindset is still at heart of every collection designed. Jenny Jazz Designs is sold exclusively in Australia and available for the retail store that wants to carry a free-spirited line with timeless designs.

Made For The Roamers, The Dreamers, The Mysterious

Fashion born from an adoration of travel. With clothing crafted in Italy and brought to Byron Bay, Jenny Jazz embodies the free-spirited mind and countless barefoot adventures. With influences from Bali, LA and the Canary Islands, the clothes are perfect for lazy days on the beach or explorations through town. Jenny Jazz Designs specialises in linen and silk and guarantees a comfortable fit. Keep your boho vibes high with her beautiful gypsy collections.